Creative Spa Day: Reclaiming Rites of Passage


Reclaiming Rites of PassageHow do we mark the important transitions from one stage of life to another–like a birth, death, or coming of age?

Traditionally these rights of passage were honored by ceremonies and time for reflection and inner growth.  Unfortunately in our culture, the sacredness of these transitions is all too often lost in the details. The hustle and bustle of planning  parties and events can sometimes rob us of the meaning of the ritual in the first place.

We are left without time for contemplation and an authentic connection with our inner wisdom about the change we’ve just experienced.  The result is that we often miss out on a sacred connection with our humanity and the wisdom to be gleaned from these rites of passage.

 Art Heals & Reveals

In a safe and courageous space held by your workshop guides, you will delve deeply into the meaning and message of your chosen rite of passage. The day will include guided visualizations, creation of  a hand-held altar, coaching and group sharing. The art you create during this workshop will become a token to powerfully connect you to the heart of your life experience. It can teach you about yourself and give you a road map for how to process your rites of passages yet to come.

Your Creative Spa Day Experience:Soma Vida Event Venue

As a participant in the Creative Spa Day, you are welcomed into a nurturing, relaxing workshop space nestled in a beautiful historic house in East Austin, the home of Soma Vida. Let go of your responsibilities for the day! Everything–including snacks, supplies, and lunch–will be taken care of. This is a day for slowing down, centering, creating, journaling, sharing, and finding deep insight. All supplies are included and we invite you to use and peruse our huge collection of papers, stamps, paints, tags, and other yummy do-dads. You are encouraged  to bring your own symbolic relics or ephemera to further personalize your altar.


Saturday, February 2, 2013
10-4 pm

Soma Vida
1210 Rosewood Ave
Austin, Tx 78702


This event was such a success that we are
planning an encore in Boulder, Colorado this summer
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Reclaim Sacred Self Expression

Thank You or Holding Me While I GrewJoin us on Feb 2nd, 2013 as we hold a sacred space for you to re-claim a life transition you wish to honor, learn from, and be transformed by. This could be a birth, death, marriage, divorce, retirement, job-loss or any life milestone of importance to you.

Give yourself the time you’ve longed to spend honoring this life transition, and you will experience the freedom and richness that comes from fully living our rites of passage. You will leave feeling both grounded and more alive, as well as profoundly grateful for your life experiences, however “negative” they may have seemed.

Your Creative Spa Day Take-aways:

  • Learn how art can be used to process and deepen your life experiences.
  • Find clarity on what you want to leave behind, what you want to embrace
  • Take home a small hand-held alter created in the workshop.
  • Develop a practice to listen to and trust your innate wisdom.
  • Take back and honor sacred experiences in life.

Included in Your Creative Spa Day:

  • Guided visualizations and exploration of your chosen rite of passage
  • All art supplies to make a hand-held box altar and accompanying Wisdom Cards
  • The company and support of a small group of like minded journeyers
  • A nourishing lunch, light snacks & beverages
  • Individual coaching and support. Workshop is limited to 10 participants to ensure ample time for sharing and individual attention.


Why a hand-held altar?

Altars and shrines are one of the most ancient forms of art and human expression: They capture and manifest our spiritual longing to understand ourselves and connect to something bigger. They are also powerful tools for focusing spiritual energy and processing intense or difficult emotions. The privacy and intimacy of a hand-held altar honors the vulnerability and courage that it takes to open ourselves to fully feel what it means to be simultaneously human–and divine.


About your Creative Spa Day Guides:

Katherine Torrini and Melisa Hoyer are certified life coaches journeying together through the transformative year-long CTI Leadership program, which calls forth the life purpose and collaborative capabilities in us all. This workshop was born of their shared passion for the healing power of art and the depth of emotion they experienced when they became mothers.  They bring years of experience coaching individuals and facilitating groups and are supportive, empowering, spontaneous, and  fun.

Katherine Torrini, B.A., CPCC

Artist, poet,  and Austin-based Creative Life Coach, Katherine Torrini has had an obsession with “little altars” for as long as she can remember.

She knows first-hand the power of art to process and document her rites of passage–whether they be the birth of her chilrden or the loss of her parents.  In fact, the majority of her life experiences –whether large or small–are celebrated through journals, poems, little altars, art dolls, and mixed media artworks. Find out more about Katherine at Creative Life Spark


Melissa Hoyer,  CFP®, CPCC

Melissa and Stella Melissa Hoyer is a certified life coach, practicing financial planner, art dabbler and proud mama of 4-year-old Stella, who describes her mom as “silly and helpful.”

Melissa was profoundly transformed by the birth of her daughter; Yet she is usually so busy sweeping crumbs off the floor and attending to all of the other details of life as a working mom, that it can be hard set aside time and space to honor its impact.

Melissa knew that other women shared this longing for meaning, coupled with a busy life–which inspired Melisa to to create this workshop to give other women the time and space to honor the most important transitions in their lives, unlock the wisdom of those transitions, and keep them alive. Find out more at Salted Toast Coaching, Melissa’s coaching practice based in Boulder, Colorado.