Your Creative Life Workshop

Making the creative habit stick

Live your creative life everyday with ease and enthusiasm!

No matter what your medium, in this supportive and empowering class you will learn to:

  • spark and optimize your energy
  • name and tame your gremlins
  • craft the internal and external structures that support and inspire you
  • understand and leverage the ups and downs of the creative process
  • prioritize your ideas, manage your time, and complete your projects

Use a variety of techniques, including collage, journaling, and mixed media to create a personal “Owner’s Manual” of who you are and what works for you, including: Vision Board, Core Value Tag Book, and Personal Directives. You will also make your own “Creative Toolkit” to tackle problems, blocks, or breakdowns along the way.

Austin Museum of Art
Art School at Laguna Gloria
3809 W 35th St, Austin, Tx 78703


Summer 2013
Weekend Workshop August 3-4
Saturday  9am-4pm
& Sunday  1-4 pm

registration coming soon

Tuition: $134.00   Supply Fee: $20.00

Call 512.323.6380
for questions or phone registration 

“Your positive energy is radiating!” Debra, consultant 

“Katherine is like a hand-full of glitter. This was the single most fun class I’ve ever experienced. Time well spent playing for my growth and pleasure. Woo-hoo!” –K Knight, developer

“I had a beautiful, wonderful time. You are a great facilitator. It is so helpful to envision what you want and see what is blocking you from it.”  M. Isom, artist

“Loved the class . It hit the nail on the head for me, targeted my exact needs at this point in time and offered support and solutions for how to handle personal obstacles. Super class, completely nurturing and supportive. So many new ideas and inspiration!” -Susan Moore