Inspire, Motivate, Delight!

 Katherine Torrini is an engaging and inspiring speaker whose coaching tools and insights are shared with humor and imagination. She never fails to surprise and delight her audiences with surprises such as graphic recording, puppets, costumes, storytelling, or her alter-ego “Captain Creative”. Her background in theater, dance, improv, martial arts, teaching, and Toastmasters makes for a dynamic and impactful presentation.

Katherine’s enthusiasm is contagious as she gets audiences to let their hair down and participate. The room is different place when she’s done. Groups large and small benefit from her expertise in Coaching Skills, Creativity, Inner Critic Taming, Inspiration and Inner Team Building.

Listeners walk away with fresh perspectives, renewed motivation, and new strategies to communicate with others and manage negative “self-talk. ” This means less resistance and procrastination and more progress and results in whatever goals are desired.

Katherine speaks to audiences such as:
  • Entrepreneurs, Business owners and Visionary leaders
  • Artists Groups (Writers, Visual Artists, Musicians, Art Students and more)
  • Creative Professionals (PR, Marketing, Communications, Graphic Artists)
  • Moms, Parents, Students, Men and Women’s groups
Current Hot Topic: Master Your Inner Team: Become the Empowered CEO of “the committee” in your Head

Discover the secrets to tackling one of your biggest personal and professional challenges–the “committee” in your own head. You know—the voices that make you spin your wheels, second-guess yourself, and say one thing and do another? Learn to recognize and reform these voices, effectively changing the “company culture” of your own mind. Experience the ease and effectiveness of having your Inner Team all pointing in the same direction, racing towards your goals.

Other Topics available:
  • Realtionship Agility: Coaching Skills to Connect and Communicate Better
  • Vaporize Your Inner Critic: How to disarm the Inner Critic that sabotages success
  • Tiny Creative Acts: Making art accessible, irresistible and everywhere!
  • Every Day Creative: Visual journaling to spark and fuel your creativity
  • The Care and Feeding of Your Creativity: Fill your creative well to overflowing, and it will
  • Mastering Your Creative Process: Know the steps, stages and pitfalls of your creative process, for a lifetime of creativity and fulfillment

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What audiences are saying:

“What a wonderful presentation style you have. I love your humor, creativity, passion, brightness, skills, and all the good things you did last night. Thank you for sharing your self & your Inner Critic work with us. I enjoyed it very much & also brought to light a voice that was much louder than I had recognized before. So, she’s now got the wet blanket over her head instead of over mine!” – Celeste Hamman, Higher Consciousness Coach  ChannelYourHigherSelf.com.



Marcia Clark“I wanted to share with you that I really LOVED your presentation last night.  How energetic and focused.  It was a true joy to work with you.  And today I feel like I can do anything!! Thanks for taming my Inner Critic..it seems that a few of the others are tamed as well.” – Marcia Clark, Owner of Coaching by Clark www.coachingbyclark.com


“Thank you so much for your wise words today! I really felt empowered about my journaling and have heard from several listeners as well that they loved the interaction.”Cheri Ruskis, host of Victory Circle Radio Hour and Owner of Victory Circles www.victorycircles.com.


To book Katherine to speak at your next event, contact us today