Individual Coaching

Let’s Play!

My specialty is turning the steps towards your dreams into an irresistible game, rather than something you avoid. We deconstruct the stressful, boxed-in life you’ve created for yourself and we invent something juicier and more exhilarating instead. Then we make it real.

If you need a secret love affair with your writing to get yourself to actually sit down and write, I’ll assign you to meet “him” in a fancy hotel lobby. I’ll even play along with texts to and from your writing “lover.” This metaphor was so powerful to the client who used it that she literally ended up marrying her writing!  She created a private ceremony to “W” when she was ready to fully commit to being a writer.

You know, you always knowFor another client, money made her radio story project “real. She just couldn’t get herself to take it seriously until it felt like a job assignment. So we co-created the accountability that she could not cash her next paycheck until it was done! With the right motivation, she went straight to the editing room and completed her audio production two days ahead of schedule.

No Idea is too silly, no emotion is ever wrong

What makes both of these stories  a success is the special level of trust and communication between coach and client. When you’re coaching with me, no idea is too silly, no emotion is even wrong. You’re the boss, and you need what you need. My job is to find out what that is, so you can create the results you want.

My coaching strategies are always custom tailored to what resonates with each client. My gift is finding out what truly motivates and inspires you—so you’re working with yourself, instead of against yourself. That makes taking action towards your goals a piece of cake!

What I love about being your coach:

  • I revel in my role as your cheerleader and #1 fan. Don’t be surprised if I check in with you betweensessions, send you an inspirational text, or a visual touchstone I’ve created just for you. You can
    Yeah! You did it!

    A surprise text from your coach

    expect a lot more celebration than you’re used to!

  • As a key member of your support team, I delight in hearing from you between sessions—whether it’s a “look-mom!” snapshot of your latest creation, an inner critic victory, or a quick pity-party about some unexpected results (i.e. failure).
  •  I love making you right. When you’re feeling wrong or “in the doghouse,” I get curious about the healthy need that’s being filled by your “self-sabotaging” behavior.  We acknowledge your need, and simply find a juicier–and gentler–way to fill it.
  • I get a kick out of converting your Inner Critics into a highly effective Inner Team, who all put their energy towards making your dreams come true–rather than fighting amongst themselves and beating up on you.

You are EnoughTry a “Massage for the Soul”

There’s no doubt about it, life coaching gets you extraordinary results. In addition, the experience of Coaching is an extraordinary addition to your life as well— one client described it as “a massage for the soul. ” The best way to understand coaching is to try it! Contact me to set up a consultation to see if Creative Life Coaching resonates with you too.