Graphic Recording

Katherine Torrini, graphic recording an office-wide meeting of Accenture Dallas

Katherine Torrini graphic recording an office-wide meeting of Accenture Dallas

Graphic Recording from Creative Life Spark makes your meetings colorful, memorable, and remarkable! It captures your participants attention and sky-rockets retention of information.

As your visual scribe, I document your meeting with colorful images, symbols, and words on large sheets of paper as the meeting unfolds. I listen and draw simultaneously, in real time, capturing the meeting’s significant concepts and content so that they are visible, tangible, actionable–and unforgettable!

Creative Life Spark is thrilled to now offer “quick-draw” or ”white-board animation” videos through a collaboration with filmaker Stephen Bohls. View our latest video at

Recent Graphic Recording Clients

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What can Graphic Recording do?

  • Engage and energize your attendees
  • Give color and concreteness to your content
  • Conceptualize and synthesize your ideas
  • Illustrate the flow of information and conversation
  • Make your group’s hard work visible, tangible, and memorable

Why Graphic Recording?

  • Participants love it, pay attention and remember more
  • You and your ideas look fabulous
  • It sparks creativity and super-charges brainstorming
  • It captures and validates individual employee contributions
  • It transforms meetings from boring to amazing
  • No more boring Power Points or typed meeting minutes!

Who hires graphic recorders?

  • Lecturers and Speakers
  • Event and retreat planners
  • Conference hosts
  • Team-building facilitators
  • Managers and Team leaders

Contact Katherine today to discuss your project. I am based in Austin, Texas, but travel nationally and internationally for Graphic Recording  jobs.

Quotes are by half-day or full-day, plus materials. 50% deposit is requited to secure your date and time.

The final charts are yours to keep, and can be displayed in common areas to continue the conversation long after the meeting is over. In addition, the drawings can be professionally scanned (for an additional fee) for use as posters, participant gifts, etc. I respectfully request you include my signature line whenever they are reproduced and retain the right to use digital images of the work for my portfolio (unless otherwise agreed) .