Tiny Creative Acts

The Heart of Creativity

The heart of creativity is curiosity, playfulness and wonder. What happens if I mix red with blue? What happens if I click the shutter now? What happens if I play this chord?

So, Why is it hard to get creative? 

Your Inner Critic Art Snob tells you that real Art, capital-A Art is long, hard and complicated. Unfortunately pressure and expectations dry up your creativity. What’s a Creative Spark to do? Take the pressure off and start playing again with Tiny Creative Acts–especially if you have big-A art aspirations!

Tiny Creative Acts to the Rescue

As a Creative Life Sparks email subscriber, you get one of my whimsical Tiny Creative Acts delivered to your inbox twice a month—for free! Get inspired to get creative right here; right now with whatever you have at hand—and share your Tiny Creative Acts on the Creative Life Spark Facebook Page. You’ll also get links to my latest blog posts, and invitations to all Creative Life Spark events.



As a bonus for signing up, You’ll get the Inner Critic Kryptonite Workbook. It will help you name and tame your Inner Critic so you can get unstuck and get creative right away!

How do Tiny Creative Acts feed your creativity?

Let me count the ways…

  •  they bring you joy and delight
  •  they wake you up to the beauty of the world
  •  they feed your creative mind
  •  they brighten the lives of others
  •  they let your inner artist child come out and play
  •  they remind you that creativity is easy, irresistible and fun!