What is Coaching?

What is a Creative Life Coach?

People come to coaching because they realize they need help getting unstuck or taking their life to the next level. Most are looking for major change in their life. I provide help for artists, for writers, for closet creatives and for anyone feeling stuck or stagnant.

Like a personal trainer for your dreams, a life coach facilitates change. In my practice, I provide tools and challenges to get you unstuck, but I don’t tell you what to do or offer all the answers. Deep down you know exactly what you need. My expertise is drawing that wisdom out and empowering you to act on it. You set the goals and the dreams. I keep you on the path to your own happiness.

 I specialize in igniting and nurturing creativity. In addition, as your Creative Life Coach, I coach you on your whole life. That’s because feeding your creativity fuels change in all areas of your life–professionally, personally, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

When your inner Creative Spark is thriving, your Life Spark is too! This Creative Life Spark lights the way to ongoing transformation in your life, work, art, relationships, and health.

What you can expect:

  • get creative immediately
  • re-vitalize your relationships
  • banish guilt, shame and martyr-dom
  • have more time, more energy, and more FUN
  • feel alive again–healthier, happier, spark-ier!
  • reorganize your life to reflect your passions and priorities
  • complete your projects and start realizing your potential


If you’re ready to get serious about igniting your Creative Spark, coaching is for you! Find out more about the Coaching Process here.