Self-Discovery Mini-Retreat


Self-Discovery Mini-Retreat: Meet Your Future Self

Take an intensive look at your life as it is today, what makes you you, and meet the person you want to be in 20 years. This powerful process will dramatically “unstuck” your blocks and empower you to re-design you life around who you really are, rather than who you feel you’re “supposed to” be. Take charge and start living the life you long for— and loving the life you live!

  • Discover what you really need to feel fulfilled
  • Re-ignite your passion for life
  • Spark your creativity
  • Learn to short-circuit self-sabotaging behavior
  • Find the internal motivation to make action towards your goals irresistible
  • Transform your schedule, relationships, parenting, career, health & self-care

Self-Discovery Mini-Retreat Includes:

  • Comprehensive Written Life Assessment
  • Private Coaching Retreat with Katherine (by phone or in-person, if possible)
  • Customized Homework: set clear goals and objectives in 5 areas of your life for the next 6 months
  • One 45-minute Phone Coaching follow-up Session one to two weeks later
  • possibility of on-going support, if desired



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