Group Coaching

Creative Spark Group Coaching is a wonderful way to step into your future self –and find your creative tribe at the same time.

Group Coaching has your creative tribe built right in!

You’ll find the focus, motivation, support and accountability to complete a creative project by the end of the four-month program. You get the power and momentum of coaching at much less than the price of individual sessions, plus a support group and a cheering section built right in!

The Power and Magic of the Collective

Group Coaching is so much more than just coaching on a budget. In many ways, getting coached in a group will be similar to Individual coaching sessions. Participants:

  • complete the call strategy form the day before
  • come to the meeting with an issue to work on
  • get one-on-one coaching on their specific goals and issues
  • gain new insights, perspectives and motivation
  • co-create juicy, inspiring homework
  • receive lots of cheer-leading from their coach.

The biggest difference between Individual and Group Coaching is that you are coached in front of the group during your turn and watch others being coached during their turn. Why would you want to do that? — to share your deepest thoughts and feelings with others? Quite simply, to experience the magic and power of the collective.

Authentic Connection

I know from years of both facilitating and participating in groups like these that the authentic connection forged in them is deeply moving and inspiring. In the safe, courageous space held by the coach, your willingness to be real and sometimes vulnerable is met with a tide of love and support that is unmatched in our daily lives. In addition, witnessing another struggle and grow can be as profound as being coached yourself.

If this sounds delicious and energizing, then group coaching could be a good fit for you! Please read on for the details and contact me with questions, to find out more, or to sign up. Please note: A Self-Discovery Mini-Retreat is a prerequisite for joining a Coaching Group.

Creative Spark Group Coaching includes:

  • Individual coaching on your specific issues during each monthly in-person group session.
  • Plus 4 individual phone coaching sessions, scheduled once/month.
  • Custom action plan with juicy homework
  • Private online forum for 24/7 support and celebration

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