Coaching Process

Let's get started!

Getting Started with Creative Life Coaching:

I offer lots of ways to nurture your creativity–from email inspiration to classes to coaching. If you’re ready to get serious about igniting your Creative Spark, coaching is for you! It is a journey of commitment and an investment in yourself that pays you back incredible dividends in your creative life and beyond.

The coaching relationship is a sacred space we co-create in service of your potential and your purpose. This journey and relationship is very personal, so my process is structured to ensure we are an excellent “fit” as client and coach–which ensures you get amazing results!

  • First, a meeting of the Sparks: a complimentary consult

Before you request your consult, I ask that you read the Inner Critic Kryptonite Workbook (free when you subscribe to my email list.) Download print, and complete it. Contact me with your Inner Critic Profile, as well as your email and phone number. I’ll contact you to set up an appointment. If the sparks fly during our sample session I’ll invite you to work with me.