Help for Closet Creatives

Welcome Closet Creatives!

Uh-oh! Hijacked by my Inner Critic again!

You’re just a Creative Spark whose creativity has gotten stuck or hidden away for a long time. The good news is that your creativity is alive and well—just a little dehydrated.

First you need to focus on “filling your well”—without the pressure to produce great art. That means a commitment to the care and feeding of your creativity, as well as the time, space, and permission to be right where you are.

Coach Katherine recommends:

  • Special Permission: Write yourself a permission slip for the next three months to take extra-special care or yourself and to express and explore without pressure.
  • Seek Support: Ask for encouragement from a sacred circle of supportive friends. The Artists’s Way by Julia Cameron is an excellent primer for Closet Creatives. Check out Resources for more book suggestions.
  • Fill the Well:   Take a Creative Playdate and start Journaling. Fun is the ultimate superpower because it simultaneously fills your well and fizzles your Inner Critic!

How I can help:

  •  Get Serious: Creative Life Coaching  There is a special place in my heart and my coaching practice for Closet Creative because I’ve been one myself. I’m on a mission to reconnect you to your creativity, tame your Inner Critic, and get you back to being your juicy, joyful creative self!  Find out more at What is Coaching?

Inner Critic Alert:

Your creativity may have been shut down for a long time—so go easy on yourself as you venture out again. Your Inner Critic’s perfectionism, pressure tactics and high expectations can just drive you back in to the closet again if you’re not careful. Name and tame him with the Inner Critic Kryptonite Workbook instead.