What’s a Closet Creative?

Are your art supplies too good to use?

Closet Creatives are afraid to let themselves be the naturally Creative Sparks that they are.

At some point in their lives they got blocked by fear, guilt, shame, perfectionism, or cultural pressures.  They try to suppress their creative desires by packing them away in the back of their closet. (Sometimes literally hoarding art supplies away from the eyes of others.) They hide away undercover, thinking they can suppress who they- but it never works. 

All people can be creative, but Creative Sparks NEED to be creative.

When they deny their creativity they start to develop symptoms: they feel frustrated, resentful, angry, and eventually hopeless or depressed.

Are you a Closet Creative?Take Heart! Your Creative Spark is alive and well–just in hibernation.

You need to learn the care and feeding of your creativity and make it a priority in your life. What you need to understand is that nurturing and expressing your creativity is not a luxury.  It is a core need and the only authentic path to personal and professional success for you as a Creative Spark.

A Creative Life Coach can give you the support and encouragement to embrace and explore who you really are along with the focus, structure and accountability to turn your great ideas into reality with balance, ease, and fun!


Imagine you have the juicy colorful life you have always wanted. You have friends, family, a good living and you play full out with your creativity every day. You are productive and people love your work. You have time for your creative work and for creative play. You encourage other Creative Sparks to have faith in themselves and commit to their dreams. You feel confident, inspired, and overflowing with life energy. That’s how it should be! Instead of feeling like a Closet Creative, you feel fulfilled and alive.

How do you get from here to there? Find out in Help for Closet Creatives