What people are saying about Katherine

“Katherine has a knack for really pushing you out of your comfort zone, but always with a ton of support and encouragement. She made a mountain of a challenge seem like something I could overcome.It felt really, really empowering to face a problem, analyze it, brainstorm solutions, and create an action plan. For so long, my default had been to avoid and deny the problem.

As a life coach, Katherine has a keen sense of what’s under the surface and gets to the root of the issue, which makes the time and work on the them so much more efficient and productive.Katherine truly has given me a wonderful gift, and I feel so lucky that I could benefit from her expertise and insight. ”

Physical Therapist , mother, Austin Tx


“Katherine has a million little ‘tricks up her sleeve’ to help motivate and give me clarity. Katherine is always positive and supportive and sees things in me that I had never seen. I am now very clear about my goals, and what I can do to achieve them. I have renewed energy towards making them happen.

I am embracing my creativity. I am in charge of my schedule again and feel less anxiety. I feel more clear and relaxed and have better connections with family and friends.”

Heidi, mother
Austin Tx