About the Team

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Allison Kramer. Creative Spark Coach

Allison Kramer has been a Creative Spark Coach for  for over 2 years, and has been working with Creative Life Spark for over 5 years–evolving from being a client, to a workshop student, to a workshop assistant, to a coach, presenter and teacher in her own right.

Allison presents workshops on Inner Critic Busting and Juicy Journaling at conferences and events throughout Texas and and the US. Most recently she’s brought juicy journaling to PeerFest in Corpus Christi, sponsored by a grant from the Hogg Foundation. 

Creative Gratitude from Allison

Creative Gratitude from Allison

Allison also works with clients one-on-one to transform the path towards their goals from a chore they have to psych themselves up for— into a game they can’t resist playing. Her humor, wisdom, and down-to-earth exuberance for life create a safe, nurturing space for your innate creativity to come out and play. 

In Allison’s own words:

“I have always loved anything creative, so following my passion I attended Art Institute of Houston and got a degree in graphic design. Fast forward to being head project manager at home for 15 years.”

Allison Kramer, Creative Spark Coach

Allison Kramer, Creative Spark Coach

“In 2010 I found my creative self again through working with Katherine. Our work together led to me to train as a coach myself, through Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 2012. It has been one the best decisions I’ve ever made and I have loved coaching ever since!”

Her Passion

“I love working with people to change their stories– you know the ones we’ve been told or told ourselves for as long as we can remember: “I’m not an artist.” “I can’t draw.” “I don’t know how to be creative.” Those are just stories! I love coming up with juicy new ones that are more in alignment with who you really are. One of my favorite parts of being a creativity coach is leading clients on a exploration of their child like self. Being able to have fun and show joy is magical to me.”

Her Art

Allison with "Hearts of Gold"

Allison with “Hearts of Gold”

“COLOR is my art, journaling is my art, cooking is my art, taking pictures is my art, playing is my art! Realizing that I have the power make any situation creative has been transformative. Creativity of any kind helps me breathe.”

“In 2015 I dove head-first into large scale acrylic painting and have been unstoppable ever since. Hearts are one of my favorite subjects and I literally pour my heart into my work! In February 2016, my Valentine’s Day art show at Chez Zee, in Austin Texas was such a hit that it was extended through Mother’s Day.”

“I’m also a mom of 2 teenagers  (which gives me super powers!) I love to create new gluten free meals, see movies with my husband and adventure to all places near the ocean. I love being surrounded by color, music, light and laughter!”

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For inquiries about Allison’s teaching, speaking or coaching,
please contact katherine@creativelifespark.com