About Katherine Torrini

Katherine Torrini is a graphic recorder, artist, journaling crusader, secret super hero, mom, lover of good food, and so much more. She is also the founder of Creative Life Spark, dedicated to helping creative people everywhere get unstuck, get productive, and get happy.

Katherine Torrini


“I coach creative sparks, because that’s who I am and who I love to be with. I spent the first 35 years of my life trying to be someone else’s idea of an artist, trying to put a label on my creativity and fit it into a tidy little box. I’ve finally learned to forget all that,  TRUST my creative urges, and co-create with what wants to be born through me”

I know what it means to be a Closet Creative.

Many of the Creative Sparks we work with don’t consider themselves artists and are very intimidated by art and artists. Well me too! 

Creativity is about letting yourself PLAY!

At Creative Life Spark, everyone gets to play!

Being labeled an artist doesn’t necessarily make life easier. In many ways it makes it harder because of new pressures and expectations. I’ve found the secret to making your creativity overflow is moving towards PLAY. My mission is to share this freedom with you. I invite you to enjoy a brand new creative childhood– safe from the blocks and limitations of Capital “A” Art


I trained at the Coaches Training Institute and received my Certification as a Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) in 2011. I was faculty at Austin Museum of Art Art School from 2006-2014: teaching art and creativity classes. I went to college at  University of Austin, graduating with BA in Art and Art History.

phot boothMy passions
Clients and students sometimes ask where I get my energy from. Through lots of trial and error (and coaching!) I have developed the internal and external structures that keep my creative spark charged and bright: self care, time to sleep, eat well, and exercise, regular journaling, and creative play. Balance is always a moving target, but I’ve learned to be much more aware of the shifts and adjust before I fall over. I still fall over sometimes, though. There’s learning there too!As a lifelong learner I revel in classes, workshops, and books that peak my interest. Weekends are my days off–to do yoga and ecstatic dance, recharge, catch up with myself and play.

My Art
As much as I am a “process” person, I do so love to make stuff: drawings, paintings, travel journals, altered books, photographs, cards, pirate ship cakes, collages, homemade bread, altars, art dolls, poems, dream trees, and comic books to name a few. Getting on stage and performing is also a part of getting up to my greatness. Stay tuned! My inner performer is still in the process of coming out of that closet…

My Family
I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and two fabulous kids, aged 13 and 15.