Hi, and Welcome to Creative Life Spark.

My name is Katherine  Torrini and I’m a Creative Life Coach in Austin, Texas. I’ve dedicated myself to a calling: helping creative people get unstuck, get productive, and get happy. Bottom line, by nurturing your creativity you open possibilities and by practicing creativity you foster change. Creative solutions can re-frame and work through any problem  standing in your way.

What I believe about Creativity:

  • Creativity is a birthright of all humans, not a rare gift reserved for “artists.” All people are instinctively creative and deserve the opportunity and encouragement to express themselves.
  • Creativity is an approach to life. It enriches and enlivens everything we do. It must not be pigeonholed or limited to art-making.
  • Process over Product. To truly nurture creativity, we must focus on the creative process and look at its product as secondary–the artifact of the looking, thinking, and creating.
  • We have all we need within us and around us. No special training, techniques, or materials are required for creative expression and play.
  • Creativity is Stronger than fear. When we stop using our creativity, we wiggle out of facing our fears and insecurities. No more wiggling! Fear can guide us. We can use the power of creativity to change those fears and to get up to our greatness!

My clients want a creative practice or an artistic career, but more importantly they long for a creative life. Do you crave  juicy, colorful, and profoundly fulfilling experiences everyday? Great! Wonderful! I’m here to take you on a very fulfilling journey.

Curious? Read more about My Coaching Process.